At UPark, we understand landlords better than any other parking company because UPark was founded by the landlords at Madison Group. We know there are many factors to consider when choosing a parking provider. That’s why we make it easy for you. Switch to UPark and you will get more for less.

Hassle Free Profits

If you want to maximize your profits and never have to think about parking again, lease us your space. With our expertise and leading technology, we’ll take the lot off your hands and make permanent improvements to your infrastructure. We also manage lots risk-free for a percentage fee. We maximize revenue while keeping your lot clean, well-lit, and enforced.

Solid Strategic Advice

For all your parking problems, we have a solution. We’ll come to your lot and advise you on how to attract and retain customers, as well as, ¬†price and enforce your lots. We can demolish your parking booth¬†and replace it with an extra spot and our gateless parking technology. We can even update your payment systems and procedures to protect your profits from the latest parking fraud.

Attractive Lots

Clean well kept lots attract more sophisticated customers. Switch to UPark and we’ll give your lot a makeover. Your lot will be, well-lit, clear signage and well-painted lines, power-washed in the summer, plowed and salted in winter. We re-design your lot to ensure maximum profitability. We provide you access to real-time reports at your convenience so you can monitor your progress.

Smart Technology

At UPark, we believe in the power of technology. Our entire experience is automated, from setting prices based on competing lots to receiving payments via mobile apps. We equip all of our lots with state-of-the-art terminals. And our systems are integrated with smart technology, allowing customers to purchase and extend their parking remotely. This transparent process means more profit, and less work.