About UPark

What is UPark?

UPark is a forward-thinking parking company on a mission to change the way you park. We offer the most seamless parking experience. It’s simple. You drive in and you drive out.

At UPark, we care about you, your car and your time. Our parking technology means hassle free parking. You can pay at the lot or with your smart phone.

We are always working on opening new lots in the Greater Toronto Area. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to find out when we open new lots near you.

How We Can Benefit You

Unbeatable Rates

We know what’s going on in the GTA, that’s why we offer special rates when there are popular events nearby. We also offer discounted rates during the colder months and competitive monthly parking rates.

Drive In. Drive Out. It’s easy.

Our intuitive parking technology is fast and easy to use so you will never be late because of parking again. Our top-notch pay stalls eliminate the walk back and forth to your vehicle and connection speeds are much faster than conventional machines.

Never Run Out of Parking Again

Use your mobile phone as your own personal parking meter. There are two simple options: when using our parking stalls, enter your mobile phone number when you pay for parking and we’ll send you a text when your parking is about to expire. Hit reply to extend your parking.

You can also book and extend it at any time using the Honk Mobile App.

We’re Not Satisfied Unless You’re Satisfied

At UPark, we care about you and your car. That’s why we offer clean, well-lit parking lots and 24 hour surveillance. We also clearly mark each parking spot to ensure every car has enough space.